ERP Software for FMCG industry

Without the use of Cloud ERP software an FMCG Company faces the problem of Stock Rotation i.e. dispatch of old stock first. It is difficult to locate stock and the warehouses where the stock is stored. It also becomes difficult to manage growth and diversity of the company. Managing multiple distribution channels, controlling cost while being competitive, Quality assurance are some of the challenges for an FMCG company without ERP.

Cloud ERP for FMCG ensures FIFO (First In, First Out) of stock. Inventory can be managed effectively with a product expiry feature. There is a detailed bar code; thus, validation is strictly enforced. The stock can also be matched with the one in a warehouse.

ZIPERP - FMCG ERP Software ensures that people don't do duplicated tasks as ERP for FMCG is a robust and integrated system that streamlines all business processes of an FMCG company. Handling numerous and complex sales offers becomes easy. It becomes possible to calculate profitability in different dimensions. Managing Distribution Efficiency and getting a snapshot of all can be done effortlessly.

Sales people can be tracked easily, Sales promotions can be maintained, and Items can be traced through ERP Software for FMCG. It also enables the Mechanism to track pending Receivable and Payable claims.

Our ERP system for FMCG helps in inventory management by keeping a track of stock by lot/serial numbers. It supports procurement planning and ageing analysis of stock. It also helps to manage multiple order types and bulk dispatch of products. Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable can be managed properly. Its compliance management module helps to meet the statutory requirements.

All kinds of reports required in an FMCG company can be generated through ERP software. They can also be exported to Excel. ERP software also has a drill-down option to get detailed information from the reports.

ZipERP - Best ERP for FMCG comes with an end-to-end integrated solution to tackle all the problems of an FMCG Company enabling Inventory Management, Sales & Promotion activities, Accounting Transactions, Compliance Management, Quality checks etc.

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