Accounting Module

For any business large or small what matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. Financial indicators make up this bottom line. If your business does not have an effective method for recording and analysis of financial data, chances are your numbers might get affected. With ZipERP Enterprise financial module, you can easily record financial transactions and generate financial reports. The module helps you maintain all important ledger accounts and practice effective cash and asset management. Integration with all the other business functions makes ZipERP a powerful solution for all your financial management needs.


  • Configuration of chart of accounts
  • Unlimited number of account groups
  • Multiple voucher types with auto/manual numbering
  • Predefined narration entry
  • Drill down facility
  • Exporting data from external sources like excel sheets etc.
  • Simple and easy to use TDS module
  • Graphical interface for cheque printing
  • Bank pay In slip generation for cheque management
  • Bill settlement for payment and receipt against bills and their interest calculation
  • Bank and ledger reconciliation
  • Multiple voucher, accounts and reports printing

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